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"Rob and his team are always very professional. They are always reliable and people of there word. Couldn't ask for a better place to take my car." —Jeremiah B. Guasti, CA 9/5/2017 via Yelp

"Most reliable place you can go in this area for your car! Rob & team gives best service" —Jennifer G. La Verne, CA 8/25/2017 via Yelp

"Couldn't ask for better service than Rob & employees.. always customer service with a big smile!" —Shannon B. La Verne, CA 8/25/2017 via Yelp

"I b rought in my 2008 Jetta, they got it up in running in no time. Professional, great service, great people. If my car ever needed anything else I'd definitely coming back here." —Jon V. Westmont, Pomona, CA 7/18/2017 via Yelp

"Rob is amazing, he will explain to you exactly what's wrong with your car and tell you if it's even worth fixing. Its a small business and very honest people who own it. I would recommend them for any mechanical needs!! " —Jolene G., 6/10/2017 via Yelp

"Love this family owned business!! I've been a customer since I got my first car and have never been disappointed! I wouldn't trust another shop with my car!! Clean shop! Great service! Awesome prices!! Even better people!! #teams&s " —Tierney T., Los Angeles, CA 6/10/2017 via Yelp

"Let me start by saying that I have entrusted the servicing AND repairs of my Range Rover Sport to S&S Motorworks for over 7 years for a reason - Rob and his staff are GREAT at what they do! I was a little leery to step away from only going to a dealership with such an expensive car, but then I felt like I was getting hosed by a dealership service tech and Rob's second opinion turned out to be the right opinion and we've been using S&S ever since! Rob's been doing my tune ups and oil changes routinely for years and I have had very few issues with my truck. The few major repairs I have had - Rob has taken care of for us and my truck continues to run smoothly with 198,000 miles! Most recently (a week ago) I had an issue with my wheel baring - it was making crazy noises when I drove. He diagnosed it and had my truck repaired in like a day! We told him that with two toddlers and two working parents we needed the car back asap and he was able to accommodate our repair with speed and accuracy! Got us in and out and the car is riding noise free ever since. I hardly ever write reviews because I use who I use over and over as I know their integrity and their quality of work, however, these days it's important for those searching online to see that people like me have been satisfied customers for almost a decade with this business and we keep coming back! Every time I'm there I see BMW's, Mercedes, VW, and other luxury cars. We did our research and found Rob before yelp was a "thing" for businesses and he does not disappoint! I've never felt like he tried to "up sale" me on extras that I didn't want or need - and honesty can be rare these days. Super personable, friendly, trustworthy family run business! Call him...he's the best !" –Tenia's Mobile Notary S. Beverly Hills 3/17/2017 via Yelp

"S & S Motorworks is the only shop that could correctly diagnose my VW CC. I had gone to several places and left my car for a few days at a time and my vehicle would work fine temporarily but would continue having problems. Robert and his crew are very pleasant (which really helps alot). They give you rides and work on your car in a reasonable amount of time and get the job done correctly. It really is a relief to know I found someone who I can rely on to get the job done right!! I highly recommend them!!" —Nicole M. Pomona, CA 8/18/2016 via Yelp

"Went here having no clue what was wrong with my BMW-- idling strange with weird noises and operating in safe mode. They kept it about a day and it came back to me like a new car. They were very honest and helped me in every way possible. The pricing is very fair and the staff is incredible!" —Nicole M., Long Beach, CA 5/30/2016 via Yelp

"Work performance is outstanding, done at a reasonable price. My only complaint is, because there are other businesses in the same structure, parking is less than optimal. I will continue to recommend this business to my friends." —Maxeyseh 1/18/2016 via Google+

"If you are looking for an honest and professional independent owned Foreign Car repair shop, this is the one! The owner, Robert, and the Master Technican, Juan, are an amazing team. If you can describe your problem or concern, they will explain in easy to understand words, what is most likely needed to be repaired. I am very pleased with their repair costs and customer service. I will continue to visit their location for all my scheduled maintenance and vehicle repairs. Thank you so much and Happy New Year 2016!!!" —Richard B. La Verne, CA 1/4/2016 via Yelp

"Everyone here was fantastic! My first visit to S & S and I was treated great and my Volvo is back on the road. I cannot say enough thanks to Robert and his crew. Their customer service is top notch and the guys in the bays really know what they are doing. I will definitely be back!" —Domonic C., Valencia, CA 10/6/2015 via Yelp

"...Rob has worked on my wife's car her parents and aunts car not to mention mine prior to him even owning his company and I have never had issues. I will continue to refer people to him...This family owned place not only treats you like a valued customer but also like family. They will continue to have my business. Thanks for everything Rob and Gina" —Jaime G., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 8/24/2015 via Yelp

"I've been coming here for a few years now for oil and regular service and every time has been a great experience. They do excellent work and are very friendly. Would recomment without hesitation." —David C., 8/5/2015 via Facebook

"Fast and friendly what else is there to say." —Mackenzie J., Claremont, CA 7/23/2015 via Yelp

"Outstanding service and professionalism every time!  Whether it be an oil change or major repair, S & S Motorwoks has proven itself to be the gold standard in customer service and getting the job right the first time.  I used to take my car to the dealer for everything.  After giving S & S Motorworks a try, I haven't been back since.  Whether my former VW Beetle convertible, MBZ 320SL or current BMW 323i wagon, the service received at S & S Motorowks has always been and continues to be simply the best." —Mark L., Claremont, CA 7/9/2015 via Yelp filtered

"I could write a book about how professional, honest and courteous Rob and his staff are, but I won't. All you need to know is that this service center is the last of the great true and HONEST car repair shops around. I would use this place again and again. For me to take my car 50 miles out of the way to be serviced says a lot about their level of service and my trust in their integrity and honesty. Thanks S&S motorworks for servicing my BMW 328i Convertible!!!!" —Clyde J. Beverly Hills, CA via Yelp

"This is my second time at the shop. I have a shop that I trust and look forward to going back. Great service and great prices. If you are looking for a repair shop they are the best. I have taken my 04 BMW to the dealer until 2011 and I have tried a lot of other shops I am here to stay wish I would have found them sooner."
—Rae H., Upland, CA via Yelp

"My 05 bmw m3 was having a strange squeaking noise coming from the motor and i was not sure where it was coming from, as well as a slow oil leak coming from the bottom of the motor. Robs guys were able to quickly assess the problem and and take care of it. I plan to return to S&S Motorworks for all my mechanic needs. Thanks for taking care of my car Rob!"
—Nicholas T., La Verne

"I recently purchased a used M3 from a dealer not worth naming. From the start, I had issues that the dealer couldn't fix, but had too since I purchased their "warranty". After several weeks of hassle, they finally bought my car to S&S and now my car runs excellent. Not only did they fix my car, but 1) they did so even though the dealer kept trying to force them to use second hands parts and short change me and 2) the fixed minor issues on the house that I didn't even realize were broken. I can't thank them enough!!! They were upfront and honest with me even as the dealer continue to lie and scheme to get out of honoring their warranty. I would definitely come back again. Appreciate all your help!" —Free Your Mind G., Carson, CA via Yelp

"I have been bringing my multiple bmw's here for service for years. I am completely capable of having my staff service my cars but find that Rob's expertise and fair pricing makes this a sensible place to get your European car serviced. Many of my friends and family have used S and S as well with success. Getting work done on your high end car isn't cheap, but that's because it isn't easy. Take it to the experts and let them handle your car properly the first time!" —Ian M., Upland via Yelp

"I bought a 2003 vw passat for my daughter and owner Rob and his brother Fernando went they it completely for me. They were always super friendly, didn't try to push unnecessary products on me (ie: new brakes, tires, etc) that weren't needed, and were honest with me on a time frame for the repairs. Too bad all my cars aren't German because I'll be coming back here for many years on all service and repairs." —Cory L., Corona via Yelp

"Needed a mechanic to service my 2007 Audi in the Inland Empire. S&S was recommended to me by Chaffey Auto Body in Montclair, so I took a chance on a new mechanic and am really glad I did. I called them on a Friday morning and they fit me right in that day. They took care of the oil service, and also figured out what the problem was with my turbo, and worked with my extended insurance to ensure that I was covered. Robert, the owner, kept in touch by phone during the day, and explained to me exactly what work needed to be done. He was really nice, and the price seemed totally reasonable. They have 4 work bays there, and I saw a bunch of MBZ's and Audi's, as well as some BMW's. I'll definitely be going back!" —Jeffrey A., Claremont

"SnS Motorworks owner Robert and staff have made car repair less stressful for our family. Their sincere interest in our safety, concern for quality work completed in a timely manner, and reasonable prices keep us going back. This family owned business makes you feel at home......and it's really clean too." —Brenda H., Rancho Cucamonga

"So I have been a long time customer and I was reading previous reviews and was appalled at some of these peoples comments. Thomas L. obviously doesn't know about cars as much as he claims he does. If he was so mechanically inclined he should of fixed his damn car himself! This is the best shop around with great prices. Robert is always honest and genuinely cares about bettering the performance of your vehicle. He is a great guy and always makes you feel welcomed! I would and have recommended this place to all my friends and family. And as for Scarlett's review, its pretty funny. Doesn't sound like Roberts character at all. So pathetic! So like I stated before this is the best shop around with great prices, great service and honest people!" —Becky R., La Verne

"I am a local business owner. I have been referring my customers to Rob at S + S for a long time. My customers call me back and thank me for referring them to such an honest mechanic. They also help me out when we get into a pinch. Thanks guys for taking such good care of us!" —John T., Montclair

"robert takes care of my wifes car the shop is great i had one issus with a part that went bad he 10 months later found the file said to get the car picked up he warranted all the work and i was so happy with everything there. him and his wife are great people. thanks guys" —James T. Redlands, CA

"these guys were great. they took care of me and treated me like family. great family shop"
—James E. Redlands, CA

"I have a 2002 GTI with 170,000. Rob and his crew has kept my car running strong. They have been very helpful with explaining any issues that are going on with the vehicle and making recomendations and not trying to push product I don't need. I will always have my service and repair work done here." —John B. Claremont, CA

"I have been using S&S for the past five/six years and I have only had good experiences. I am a young female and know absolutely nothing about cars except that I need to take good care of mine. Robert never once made me feel like he was taking advantage of my not-knowing. He was always there to be honest and real with me in whatever situation I was faced with regarding my car. He has a big heart and is very skilled in his profession. He is trustworthy, honest, respectful, and gets the job done. Your car will thank you and you will be happy you hired him." —Rhiannon

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the work done on my 2004 525i BMW by Robert and his team of professional mechanics at MotorWorks: Not only did they fix a variety of problems involving leaks on various parts of the engine, but they did so in a timely and cost-efficient manner. I obtained a detailed account of what needed to be done, as well as a price breakdown regarding each repair, which allowed me to budget my time as well as my ability to pay for the specific services. After taking my car to the BMW dealer for years, the savings alone was well worth the change to MotorWorks! Robert and his crew are knowledgeable and personable; they seem to really care about me, as a person, as well as my automobile. Their willingness to take me home and pick me up following my service was invaluable. I can't say enough positive things about this group of professionals." —Sincerely, Dr. Lynne P

"Ever since finding S&S Motorworks I feel like I am in great hands for automotive care. As a young woman knowing nothing about cars, it's not easy going to the car repair shop when something is wrong with my car. Usually I am fearful of going to the mechanic because of hearing I need many things fixed on my car--some of which I can't tell between truth or lies-- and most of which I can't afford. But with S&S its quite the opposite. I have never had to worry about being scammed or treated unprofessionally. Rob and his staff are always honest, reliable, trustworthy and get the job done. S&S treats me like family. I never feel like just another customer walking through the door. They actually ask me how I am and care about me as a person. They even send out postcards during the holidays! I feel safe taking my car to them and to me that is priceless. I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with S&S and I recommend them to everyone!"—Rhiannon

Our clients come from Pasadena to Covina, the Pomona Valley, Upland, La Verne and Claremont trusting us to

service their European car repair

S & S Motorworks, Pomona, CA

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